Convergence is the approach toward a definite value, a definite point, a common view or opinion, or toward a fixed or equilibrium state.

Hosted by Mira Malatestinic and the MIRA Salon Series in May 2010, artists Wendy D and Dori Luthy-Harrison present Convergence, a mixed media installation and video projection that is the result of several days of intimate sharing and mapping of the women’s lives. The work documents the convergences of their lives that result from variety of choices (major and minor, both their own and others) that have defined each of their lives. But unique as these individual stories may be, the points of overlap are greater than they could imagine.

Wendy is a photographer and Dori is a sculptor, and both women focus on capturing human experience through their respective media. But Convergence steps outside of their traditional media, bringing the women together to create this installation as an abstract map marking the path of each woman’s life, the ebb and flow, but will remain unfinished in the knowing that we all approach the same moment of convergence in the finality of life.

The following video summarizes the many hours of sharing and mapping that the women were engaged in, and was shown on the opening night of the exhibition.

Click link to open the Quicktime video:

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