Employing ceramics as the medium, and using both hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques to create forms that reference eggs, nuts, or stones, which act as physical metaphors to describe the beginnings of life, natural processes,and objects that occur without human intervention or invention. Then juxtaposing what are obvious human made marks and manipulations onto these natural objects through different surface treatment, marring the surface with incisions, or augmenting with extrusions.

Similar to finding an extraordinary rock on the beach, or a uniquely shaped vegetable in the market, the viewer stops to wonder. What is this? How did it become this way? Where did it come from? What made it like this? These ceramic objects beg the same questions from viewers, which is to wonder the mystery of their existence and meaning.

Yet, the significance of the work is not only in the physical object, but also lies in the mind that gazes in interest. With the same questions that were asked during the making, the object’s meaning is re-created during the moment of pondering by the viewer.

Forming | 2006 | Ceramics | Comments (0)

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